Because resolving employment disputes is never a one-size-fits-all approach. . . It takes vision, skill, understanding and perspective.

Laurie Leader is a different kind of employment lawyer. In her 37+ years of practice, she has represented labor unions, employees and companies.  That gives her a unique perspective and vision.  She understands the “big picture” and how to dissect it.

And Laurie knows the law.  Not only does she litigate and mediate employment disputes, but she teaches and writes extensively on a wide variety of labor and employment topics. This allows Laurie to strategically meet her client’s objectives and to consistently achieve the best possible outcomes.

Laurie also builds relationships.  Clients and witnesses like and respect her, because Laurie likes and relates to clients as people.  Juries relate to her and judges and colleagues consult with her.  Indeed, the strength of Laurie's relationships helps to define her unique brand of representation. 

 Currently, Laurie represents companies and management, executive and professional employees in all aspects of labor and employment law.

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